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Deluxe Bone Throwing Kit | Bone Divination Set | Osteomancy Witch Altar | Witchcore Real Animal Bones | Oddities and Curiosities Wiccan Gift

Deluxe Bone Throwing Kit | Bone Divination Set | Osteomancy Witch Altar | Witchcore Real Animal Bones | Oddities and Curiosities Wiccan Gift

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Introducing the Little Bell Oddities Deluxe Bone Throwing Set.

What’s included in an LBO Deluxe Bone Throwing Set?
-15 unique divination items
-A pink candle
-A handcrafted wooden carrier box
-A content list scroll

Every bone-throwing set contains ethically-sourced, professionally processed bones and natural items, along with genuine antiques and vintage items. Unlike other kits available online, LBO deluxe sets do not contain any dollar store junk! All our divination items are authentically vintage or sourced in nature. Each set has been thoughtfully constructed to contain items of the right diversity and meaning. The sets contain items that spoke to each other, and complimented each other. Every set is unique.

The divination items come inside a hand-crafted wooden carrier box. This beautiful box measures 16.5 x 11 x 5 cm and is lined with red crushed velvet. Each set also comes with one pink candle and printed list identifying every divination object.

The four sets available all contain different items. Please read below for the content lists.

Set A
1. Deer Vertebrae
2. Silky Chicken Feather
3. Antique Irish Coin
4. Deer Molar
5. Crab Claw
6. Seashell
7. Antique fountain pen tip
8. Squirrel scapula bone
9. Raw ammonite fossil
10. Vintage palm pendant
11. Rabbit pelvis bone
12. Vintage toy wind key
13. Fossilized shark tooth
14. Squirrel leg bone
15. Raw mixed white quartz

Set B
1. Squirrel scapula bone
2. Blue oyster shell
3. Vintage jewellery box key
4. Crab claw
5. Phoenix rooster feather
6. Squirrel leg bone
7. Raw white quartz
8. Vintage decorative bottle cap
9. Coral fossil
10. Rabbit vertebrae
11. Deer molar
12. Antique Spanish coin
13. Fossilized shark tooth
14. Vintage butterfly pendant
15. Deer Vertebrae

Set C
1. Crab claw
2. Seashell
3. Deer vertebrae
4. Phoenix rooster feather
5. Grey squirrel pelvic bone
6. Rabbit leg bone
7. Antique pocket watch key
8. Deer molar
9. Vintage fountain pen brush
10. Fossilized shark tooth
11. Vintage ring pendant
12. Squirrel scapula bone
13. Antique Japanese coin
14. Raw white quartz
15. Rugosa fossil (fossilized horn coral)

Set D
1. Deer molar
2. Phoenix rooster feather
3. Rabbit leg bone
4. Small conch shell
5. Crab claw
6. Deer vertebrae
7. Grey squirrel sacrum bone
8. Vintage flower pendant
9. Vintage key
10. Rugosa fossil (fossilized horn coral)
11. Vintage bird thimble
12. Antique Belgian coin
13. Raw quartz stone
14. Fossilized shark tooth
15. Squirrel scapula bone

Each set will be packaged and shipped with care. Comes with tracked shipping for both Canadian and US buyers.


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